Float your Boat: A joint US-Norway fleet of 400 small wooden boats.

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School children from Seattle and Gilje School in Bømlo participate in an international research program to learn about how the sea ice in the Arctic is drifting. They use ice buoys which are tracked by satellites to measure the ice drift and compare with the Fram drift 127 years ago. They also use ice buoys to study the ice drift pattern in the Beaufort Sea. 

The CAATEX deployment cruise in the Eurasian Basin

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The Coordinated Arctic Acoustic Thermometry Experiment (CAATEX) research cruise was conducted with the Coast Guard vessel KV Svalbard in the Arctic Ocean from August 14 to September 9. Field experiments were conducted by Nansen Center in collaboration with eight other Norwegian and international research institutions. The main goal of the cruise was to deploy three acoustic rigs, four buoys, and an oceanographic rig.

Måle havtemperatur med lyd

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I CAATEX skal vi måle havtemperatur med lyd

Det rapporteres jevnlig om store endringer i isdekket i Arktis, men vi vet lite om hva som har skjedd eller skjer i havet under isen. I CAATEX skal vi observere havtemperaturen i Polhavet på liten og stor skala. Spesielt fokus vil det være på det 100–200 meter tykke laget med ferskt og kaldt vann som skiller isen fra det underliggende varmere og saltere Atlanterhavsvannet. De store klimaendringene i Arktis kan gjøre at det kalde vannlaget viskes helt eller delvis ut, og dermed at havisen kommer i kontakt med varmere vann.



CAATEX addresses research in the central Arctic Ocean, especially the ocean climate change. The Arctic warms rapidly, but yet the central Arctic Ocean under the sea ice is poorly observed and remains largely unknown. This project focus on